Issue of the day/season — rain

The so-called driving rain.

It’s a reality for approximately six months of the year in the Pacific Northwest, but of course everyone has to deal with rain at one time or another.

Many of us give up on a bike this time of year & make a mad dash to the car/bus/train instead, only to be surrounded by so many other wet puppies.

An option that often looks good from the couch is to simply stay on the couch. Call it in, play a game, read a book. Unfortunately, however, that is ultimately neither fun nor productive. Think a week of said rain, kids and adults alike bouncing off the walls, nothing in the house to eat…

For us, the SUB (sports-utility-bike) has been a lifesaver. Plop the kids in, the groceries in, heck I even hauled a turkey on Thanksgiving (see post) — put on the cover and away everyone goes, dry and happy. But what about the driver?

Ah, poncho. I picked this lovely one up when we lived in Copenhagen, where the dark and grey winter backdrop means anything to brighten the day is a must. It’s brilliant in that it’s got handholds on the inside of the poncho — made for holding on to, you guessed it, bicycle handlebars, while keeping your hands dry. Keeps your skirts and other non-waterproofed regular clothes dry as can be, too. And spectators think the sky/cloud theme is hilarious.


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