I warms me from the top of my fringe down to my blue-painted toes that people ask me for advice on bicycling, bicycling with kids, and living the bicycle life. Opinions! I am happy to share.

And so, I give you, in completely random order, our rides:

The SUB: Christiania (called Boxcycles in the US) three-wheeled cargo box bike. Purchased in Denmark itself, has also lived in Berlin, Vienna, and currently resides in Portland. Decorated with a wide variety of animals that would never live near one another in the real world: tapir, giraffe, cuttlefish, shark, moose, ducks. Seatbelts for two children — they traveled in a converted car seat until they could properly sit up, and then at around 9 months got a helmet and a seat with a view.

I can see some benefit in trailers that attach to bikes (lightweight, removable), but hands-down I LOVE our cargo bike with the kids in front. It’s slow. It’s heavy. It’s hard on hills. And yet! I can see and talk and interact with my kids at all times. I can carry 20 potted plants, four grocery bags, or a picnic basket — and my kids at the same time! I could carry a tree. I also like riding a bakfiets, which is the same idea in Dutch, and is slightly narrower, with only two wheels (the box is in between the wheels).


Mama’s bike: Linus mixte 8-speed upright (#1); Unknown Danish brand step-through upright (#2). Both fitted out with: over-the-back-rack bikeseat; front basket; rack for pannier carrying.



Daddy’s bike: behemoth, rugged, dirty, commuter/urban semi-upright (#1 & #2). Both fitted out with: over-the-rack bikeseat; permanent dynamo lighting; rack for pannier carrying.

Firstborn’s bike: balance bike (no pedals). Fitted out with flashing lights — for safety, of course (that was the firstborn’s idea, he is such a smart cookie!).


We do a LOT of shopping by bike — almost exclusively, I would say (oh, except for TJs… yikes, that’s where all our money goes!). Racks & baskets + bungees are a brilliant thing.

Rain, you ask? Yes it does. There are no problems, only solutions.

Anything else you’re wondering about? Ask away below in the comments, and I shall advise.


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